Christian Phone Case, Wallet Phone Case, Proverbs 14:30, Scripture Phone Case, Bible Phone Case, Gift for Christians, Iphone Case, Samsung Phone Case (USA Only)

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Our beautifully crafted Faux Leather Wallet Phone Cases are handmade using Genuine Pictaleather inside and out. Pictaleather is a soft and luxurious high-quality faux leather material that has been specifically designed to take an image that will not fade, or blur overtime. The image on the case will remain sharp and vibrant for the life of the case. Guaranteed!

Features of Pictaleather phone cases

  • Magnetic closure helps keep your screen safe from accidental damage
  • Rear camera hole so you can quickly capture photos without fuss
  • Comes complete with detachable hand strap for extra security
  • Secure tilt styling so you can watch videos or read emails hands free
  • Pictaleather comes with drop protection as standard
  • There are 4 internal credit card slots and a note/coin compartment

Note: This listing is for USA only, please reach out if you're located outside of USA so we can send you the link of our Europe fulfillment listing.